Flight Cancellations

In cases regarding flight cancellations, airlines are obligated to provide an alternative flight. This disruption to a passenger’s initial plans may mean they are entitled to a claim of up to £540 compensation for their inconvenience. With a 98% success rate, our legal specialists can help you enforce your rights against airline compensation.

Denied Boarding

Under EU Regulation EC 261/04, any passenger involuntarily denied boarding on an overbooked flight departing from an EU airport, regardless of airline or destination, is eligible for compensation of up to £540, with no hidden upfront fees.

Flight Delay

Compensation for delayed flights was established by European Regulation EC 261/04, which has set an industry-accepted fee structure, guaranteeing up to £540 per passenger for flights delayed by three hours or more. We offer a 100% risk and hassle free service with a £1600 average claim value and can help claim additional expenses.

Missed Connecting Flight

Should a passenger be delayed to their final destination by 3 or more hours, which can occur from even a short delay with their first flight, meaning they miss a connecting flight, a passenger can claim up to £540 in compensation. Benefiting from our low commission rates and no upfront fee, Flight Compensation Claims are made easy.