UK Immigration rules in the UK are changing rapidly and our team of SRA regulated solicitors, Advocate Solicitors, Barristers, Paralegals, Consultants and Caseworkers will lead you through the process towards a successful outcome. There is no doubt the UK Immigration is becoming tough and more demanding. The ratio of Home Office refusals are increasing at high rate, however, we will maintain our positive outcomes for and on behalf of our valuable clients.

Our specialist team of immigration solicitors and caseworkers always provide a secure legal representation in the UK Immigration matters worldwide. We successfully manage the critical decisions of UK Visas. Our busy clients do not need to struggle to reach us as they can easily approach us by telephone or by email at any time. We are here to secure your interests and rights.

We are committed to provide successful services to all our clients in relation to their immigration matters:

We choose the correct immigration route for you and its initial assessment is absolutely free.
We will give you an accurate guideline on the basis of required evidences and documentations for your immigration matters.
When you instruct us then you don’t need to do anything. We will even fill up your application form.
We submit the applications along with all the required documentations and piece of information on behalf of the client in time
We obtain updates and provide you updates on your immigration matters without any delay.
We are available for 24 hours to secure your immigration status.
We are committed to exploring the proper advice on the merits of your case.

We deal with all immigration matters from visa applications to appeals to the Supreme Court and Judicial Reviews to the higher courts.
The Immigration Laws categorise the areas of the UK Immigration below.

· Asylum Claims
· Discretionary leaves (Out of immigration Rules)
· 5 or 10 years Partner Route Application
· 5 or 10 years Parent Route Application
· Private Life in the UK long residence applications
· Naturalisation and Registration Application as British Citizen
· British nationality Applications
· British Passport Application
· Application for Home Office Travel Document
· Point Based Tier 4 Adult or Child Student Applications
· Point Based Tier 1 General Applications
· Point Based Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Applications
· Point Based Tier 1 Entrepreneur Applications
· Point Based Tier 1 Entrepreneur Graduate Applications
· Point Based Tier 1 Investor visa applications
· Point Based Tier 2 Applications
· Point Based Tier 5 Applications
· All Kind of Settlement Applications
· Spouse visa applications of British Citizen or Settled person
· EEA2 Spouse Visa Applications EEA2 Extended Visa applications
· DRF-1 Visa applicationsAll kind of Entry Clearance visa applications
· Administrative Reviews
· Applications to obtain right of appeal on rejected or invalid visa applications Appeals and application for permission to appeal to First Tier
· Tribunals Appeals and Applications for Permission to Appeal to the Upper
· Tribunals Appeals and Applications for Permission to Appeal to the Court of Appeal Appeals and Application for Permission to Appeal to the Supreme Court Pre-Action Protocol and Judicial Review to the Upper Tribunal
· Pre-Action Protocol and Judicial Review to the Court of Appeal
· Renewal of Judicial Review Applications to the Upper Tribunal and Court of Appeal.


Level 1 Application

£600 + 20% VAT

Travel documents, replacement resident permit

Level 2 Application

£960 + 20% VAT

Visit Visa, Neutralisation, Registration as a British Citizen, Permanent residence

Level 3 Application

£1150 + 20% VAT

Family Reunion, Partner of Non-EU Nationals Parents Route Application, Dependent Child Visas, Student Visas (Tier-4), Long Residence in the UK

Level 4 Application

£2400 + 20% VAT

Adult Dependent Relatives Points based system applications (except Tier-4), Immigration Bail